The Owner is a Strong Supporter of Our Initiative – Vitals Global Healthcare

Vitals Global Healthcare management insists that Mr Mark Pawley is the ultimate beneficial owner of the company. The said personality owns a British Virgin Islands company, and VGH falls directly under its ownership. Henceforth, the hierarchical chain of command falls indirectly (or directly) under Mr Mark Pawley. It is somehow apparent that Pawley appears as one of the Directors of VGH established in Malta, but he is also one of the founding partners of Oxley Capital. Oxley is a Singaporean Investment firm (private, mind you) that manages a financial quota of around 1 billion dollars in various assets spread across ventures like real estate, renewable, natural resources and other major investment schemes mainly in the Asia-Pacific region.


For quite some time, speculation over the tentative ownership of VGH was pushed through because of the fact that the Maltese companies granted a 30-year concession to run the three major hospitals of Malta were in fact owned by Bluestone Special Situation IV, a certain BVI company whose laudable ownership was partially in question; the ownership wasn’t known at the time. Given the fact that the ownership obscurity was something of a plus point for the Opposition, VGH has now stated that in the coming months they intend to remove the BVI structure completely and renewing it to the Jersey-demographic.  The new settlement is bound to be tax-free, yet the plan is supposed to be transparent. In other words, VGH intends to fully answer for whatever actions they may oversee in the years to come.


In regards to founding the Oxley Capital, Mark Pawley was stationed as the COO of Asia Pacific Investment Banking, prior to the timing of the entire chain of events. He also served as COO of Credit Suisse’s Global Emerging Markets Coverage Group and was a consultant to UBS for quite some time.  This entire piece of information is solely for the prying eyes of the Nationalist Opposition Party, whose leaders are looking to dismantling Prime Minister Muscat’s Office by asserting wrongful allegations credible to those in his Cabinet. Muscat recognizes the threat, but sways away from any impending outburst since the entire façade is nothing but a waste of time. The Opposition Party was interested in locating VGH’s sole benefactor. There you have it; Mark Pawley, one of the most prolific personalities of our age!